Ca D Glucarate Plus
 Supports detoxification, deactivates toxins and promotes their elimination.
Amy talks about MTHFR and CA D GLUCARATE PLUS
What is BiomeIQ’s Ca D Glucarate Plus?
Supports detoxification, deactivates toxins and promotes their elimination. D-glucarate plays a vital protective role for the immune system by inhibiting the beta-glucuronidase enzyme that can otherwise interfere with safe removal of steroid hormones such as estrogen which can be reduced by MTHFR mutations. Contains 120 capsules.
The Plus portion of this supplement means that in addition to Glucarate which will bind and reduce Glucuronidase, there’s also Super Oxide Dismutase, which is one of the strongest antioxidants. MTHFR mutations oftentimes trigger inflammation. It’s a methylation deficiency so toxins aren’t removed effectively, and these toxins lead to inflammation. Our Calcium D Glucarate plus not only gets Estrogen Dominance under control, but it also adds in Super Oxide Dismutase which reduces inflammation.
If you’re a woman with fertility, estrogen-progesterone, period related issues, this supplement might be for you
Signs of a COQ10 deficiency:
 Missed periods
 Periods too frequently
 Excessive cramps and clotting during period
 Fertility difficulties
Why we recommend it:
Metabolizes and Reduces Estrogen
Balances hormones
Supports the liver
Reduces inflammation
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