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Chaperone 1

Are you missing a gall bladder? If so, you would benefit from bile acid support. 

Do you have a high fat or keto diet? If so, gall support can help with digesting fats and fat-soluble vitamins. 

Chaperone 1 is composed of bile salts, SOD, and catalase. This is used to improve the ability of butyrate to move into the cells as it can function as a heat shock protein. SOD binds to molecules of copper and zinc to break down toxins.


Charged oxygen molecules called superoxide radicals are byproducts of normal cell processes, these free radicals must be broken down regularly to avoid damaging cells, in this case motor neurons.

Benefits of Chaperone 1:

  • Provides gall salts to those who do not have a gallbladder

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Reduces oxidative stress

  • Supports the digestion of fats

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